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the Next Generation of
Intelligent Space Management


the Next
Generation of
Intelligent Space

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Reserve space through mobile devices, apply for electronic vouchers, self-service access and use.

Provide device access kits to reduce costs and improve chain connection stability.

On-demand appointment use, digital-driven space allocation, efficient work, smart office.

Improve the efficiency of office space through data analysis.

About Virsical

Wafer Systems Limited is an IT Solution Company with over 30 years of System integration, as well as over 18 years of independent Commercial Software Development experiences.

VIRSICAL Smart Office Solution Suite focusing in Digitized office, building and campus management solutions featuring visualized and interactive Visitor Management, Smart Meeting Management, Workspace Management, Message announcement, Wireless Access, Video Collaboration and Instant Messaging, aiming to promote Staff experiences and work efficiency.

VIRSICAL Leading digital transformation!

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Multi-Corporation, Industry-Leading

The Eco partners of Virsical include Cisco, Microsoft, AI, Centralized Control. Together we strive for providing Enterprises and Campuses with Digitized, visualized, Cloud base and intelligent solutions in Smart Building, Smart Lighting, Smart Control, Smart Collaboration, Smart Environmental Control Solutions.

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  • Cost Saving

    Through the unified intelligent management of conference room, work space, reception, network, audio and video equipment, access control and so on, the operation and management cost of the enterprise is reduced.

  • Simple and Easy

    Unified platform management, multi terminal equipment support, multi application system integration, Back-stage management make the staff experience are more simple and convenient.

  • Efficient Security

    End to end data encryption transmission, perfect security authentication mechanism, based on role-based application authorization management, to ensure enterprise application and data security.




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